Kat Von D Jackets

Kat Von D Jackets

Last August I started a freelance project/ collaboration with Kat Von D creating special team jackets for her pro makeup ladies. 

I love creative challenging projects. This project was both. From sketch,patterning sampling,pattern adjusting,resampling, finding the right materials,sourcing the two amazing people who I found to do embroideries, ect.

Fronts are all hand chain stitched names by Ben at http://chainstitcher.com/ who can do big and creative artistic work not just mere names. He did a beautiful job, was so fast and very professional. Please visit him for all your chain stitching needs.

The backs were a bit of work, Kat hand drew illustration and then we had digitized after she decided on exact color ways, the sampling took a little time to get colors right but the end result was perfect. With any embroidery the way they do the digitizing is what makes your product come out looking flawless. Each back piece took six hours to complete.

Kat von D team jackets by Jessica Louise

Inside Labels were hand drawn by Kat then I converted to a vector file, had a screen made and hand screened them in house.

Kat Von D Jacket Project Labels Jessica Louise

Kat Von D Jacket Project Labels Jessica LouiseThe cuffs and waistbands were locally made, all sourcing and production I always do in my local area of DTLA and surrounding area.

Outers are heavy weight black satin, liners are bright red lighter weight satin, inside liner has a special pocket for one everlasting lipstick which was Kats brilliant idea.

Kat von D team jackets by Jessica Louise

I am so happy with how this project came out and so grateful to Kat for trusting me to make it happen. For all of you that support her and her brand I want to say you are supporting a woman who is exactly who she represents herself to be. 

She is genuine kind and thoughtful. In a world of social media where people often portray the facade of a ghost of what they wish they could be, Kat is a hard working all around lovely person. So, Im glad you support her, and her makeup line is a really great high quality product line as well.

More Images on my IG www.instagram.com/jlbeaverton and elsewhere on IG probably too. 

Please do not ask me to make one of these Jackets for you. This was a special project only for Kat Von D beauty team members, so please do not contact me asking for these jackets.

If Kat decides to make something similar available for her fans Im sure you guys will know about it. :) xo

Jessica Louise

Images by: Myself @sstrazzere and @ndrewstuart

Kat von D team jackets by Jessica Louise


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