Trashylife Flashback

Trashylife Flashback

TrashyLife Myspace Photoshoot days


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 In my never ending project of adding content to galleries I can across this gem of a set. For anyone who was on MySpace or paying attention to underground pop culture in the Early 2000's you would know what trashylife is, AKA Zui Watts & Audrey Kitching. It must have been somewhere around 2005 when we did this shoot. I had sort of recently met photographer Michelle X Star and had been friends with these ladies on MySpace for a while.They happened to be coming out to Los Angeles and we shot these in my second ever studio DTLA which was a 500 sq ft two connecting room office on E 9th st, my first studio was directly upstairs in a 200 sq ft office in the same building. This was the first day I met them both in person. I want to say that because of these women and countless other amazing models, Makeup Artists, hair Stylist, general support of fans and clients I am able to continue to make fashion and be an artist for which I cannot even begin to articulate how grateful I am. Also to my dear friend Michelle who created so many beautiful images using my fashion. I really do appreciate these things on a daily basis. Thank you everyone, I love you so much!!!! Seeing these also makes me miss the days of organic marketing on social media, it truly was an underappreciated golden goose. 

Trashylife by Michelle X Star for Jessica Louise

trashylife with Jessica Louisetrashylife with Jessica Louisetrashylife with Jessica Louise
If you want to check out what these ladies are currently up to, follow the links below. These images are also in my galleries under past work including so many more of Audrey, who modeled for me several times after this shoot.
Michelle X Star Still has NO website but she does have an Instagram
Audrey Kitching is no longer modeling but has a cool online shop CrystalCactus 
Zui recently got married and had a second child Model Page

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