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Natalia Fabia Leopard Sky Medalion

Natalia Fabia Leopard Sky Medalion

$200.00 USD

Limited Edition Exclusively  here from Artist Natalia Fabia.

 -"Mermaid Hooker Medallion" 
antique silver plated circle frame with charms
frame is approx. 2" in wide on a 16" in chain 


Loving vintage jewelry myself and being an artist I had the idea to create wearable pieces that were beautiful, ornate, had a vintage feel but were still stylish. So I  designed 4 frames and put images and crops of my paintings inside. The paintings are the gems!! They come in silver plated, rose gold and bronze plated and have semi precious jewels and stones attached! 
You can wear the art! Not everyone can afford an original painting but you can get a one of a kind medallion!
There is also custom Hookerfeathers engraving and signature on the back of every frame.
xoxo Natalia Fabia