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Baby Blue Sequin Mask

Baby Blue Sequin Mask

$24.00 USD

Elalasic Option

Baby Blue  Sequin Mask

Baby Blue sequin Face Mask

Baby Blue sequin Face Mask. Four layer for added protection for your face ,cold weather, when you want to hide your face, etc.

Double elastic can be knotted for a snugger fit. Soft 1/8" bungee elastic goes over head for a snugger fit, good if you are wearing all day, long shifts.
I've added an adjustable ear strap option as well and option to add nosewire.
Please message me for special requests or questions.

Hand wash warm water & Soap hang dry.

Hand cut and sewn to order. Shipping within 3 days.

Disclaimer- This mask has multiple layers and may protect you better than a cotton thin mask or a paper one but is not a medical mask.

Please always take on and off by elastic, do not touch your face while out in the padenmicverse. Wash your hands before removing, and if you do touch your mask face after being out in the mad world give it a hand washing and hang to dry.

Stay Well Stay safe. Lots of Love Jessica

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