My Covid PPE Projects

SFFD face mask by Los Angeles fashion designer Jessica Louise


During this crazy time like everyone else I have had to figure out a few new ways to deal with life. I certainly feel lucky not having to mentally  adjust too far out of my comfort zone, being Im an artist who works alone and hardly sees anyone during most of the day already. In fact my main social activities mainly involved going to class.For anyone who does not know Ive been working on my tailoring certification for the better part of three years and am at the tail end of that educational goal.

Now my classes are online, so kind of still social.

The moment the world shut down I started sewing masks, It's a skill set I possess and figured I could use it for the powers of PPE. I've been making fashion masks for sale on my site which… Thank you everyone who has supported me by purchasing one of my masks, you have helped me financially survive and also to provide my services at my cost to some of the people that make the world go round all the time not just in this time.

I've made about 2k + for services workers/ essential workers including some very special ones for the second city of my heart San Francisco. SFFD & SFPD both departments I have some of the people I hold most dear working there. Combined Im almost at 400pc for them.

Also my local LAFD station #9 DTLA and central division DTLA I did a small production and dropped of with my thanks for their service in my neighborhood.

As well as several medical centers in any out of state and donations to people like Sidewalk project , Officer Deon Joseph for our local unhoused community.


All of this while taking my classes online four days a week trying to keep up with homework, sewing and cutting orders, and non stop cutting and sewing masks. I feel exhausted, I've had all kinds of emotions. Mostly I just feel grateful to be healthy, productive and able to continue to keep my mind busy and keep working.

I would like to thank everyone who’s ordered apparel and had to wait for me to sew because of having to prioritize masks first.

Our first responders, I appreciate you everyday and could not do the jobs you do.Everyone else out there that have been showing grace and kindness in this emotional hard time I salute you.

I am so very appreciative and feel like I can’t even begin to express how much in words.

Lots of love to everyone.

Forever and always yours,


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